The product "BIORUBBER" wants to be a valid alternative to the use of pumice

stone for stone-washed treatment, combined with the use of enzymes.

This product has the main characteristic of performing a mechanical action and

accelerating the action of enzymatic products to obtain the whitening

effect of Jeans. Made of natural rubber.

In addition to the stone-washed treatment, BIORUBBER can also be used for

dyeing treatments for cotton / wool items, for treatments

in the dryer instead of expensive silicone balls, etc...


  • PATENTED product

  • Ready to use

  • Optimized design (faithful replica of a pumice stone)

  • High wear resistance (average duration about 2,000 hours)

  • Reduced weight (8 grams)

  • White color

  • Recyclable, biodegradable and GREEN product

  • Reduction of electricity consumption, less washes

  • Reduction of wear and tear for the operator

  • Environmental pollution reduction

  • Cleaner and tidier working environment

  • Reduction of rips caused by stones

  • No production of pumice powders

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